Setting up your Stand

The Stand comes in two parts. The ground post is tapered at one end to fit the Shepard’s Crook socket. Always check the best fit before driving the post into the ground.

Drive your post vertically into the ground with a lump hammer. If ground conditions are hard, use a piece of wood to protect the metal from splaying.

If you need to move your stand, it’s a good idea to apply axle grease to the joint. Periodically applying grease to the stand itself will help to protect the paint work. It also helps keep vermin away!

Finding the best spot for your stand

Birds do not like to fly across open ground to get to a feeder – they like plenty of cover. Choose your location carefully and remember that squirrels can jump 8 feet horizontally!

Using the Feeders

Start by putting small amounts of bird seed into your feeders. You can increase the amount as more birds arrive.

Ensure that you clean out your feeders regularly and don’t leave wet feed in them. Germinating seed in particular can damage your feeders.